Installment Payment of Certain Homestead Taxes

Sec. 31.031 of the Texas Property Tax Code provides for individuals who are disabled or at least 65 years of age to pay the property taxes on their qualified residence homestead in four equal installments without penalty or interest if the first installment is paid before the delinquency date (February 1st).

  • 1st Installment Payment due before February 1st
  • 2nd Installment Payment due before April 1st
  • 3rd Installment Payment due before June 1st
  • 4th Installment Payment due before August 1st

To initiate payment by the aforementioned installment method you must submit your first installment payment (total residence homestead tax divided by four) before February 1st and provide written notice that you plan to pay by installment (e.g. quarter pay).  When received, the Appraisal District will send you an agreement detailing the terms of the installment including payment coupons for the remaining payments.  This can also be provided at the time of making the first payment when visiting the Appraisal District in person.

If an individual fails to make a payment before the applicable deadline, the unpaid installment is delinquent and incurs a penalty of six percent and interest as provided by Tax Code Sec. 33.01(c).

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